To Boldly Go

by Matt Sailor

Fifty years ago Star Trek premiered on network television. A low budget sci-fi show with recycled sets, campy acting and bad costumes, it has gone on to become one of the most lucrative media franchises in history.

What makes it so powerful, so enduring, this endless saga of women, men, and none-of-the-above traversing the stars in their pajamas? Star Trek is unique among almost every modern pop culture franchise because of its optimism. The very foundation of the Star Trek mythology is that people have the capacity to put aside hatred, greed, and fear and unite to accomplish amazing things, to reach the stars themselves.

Gene Roddenberry believed that this optimistic future was more than fantasy—it was our fate. In a world where divisions seem to deepen by the day, where any small step toward progress is met with hatred and backlash, where environmental catastrophe seems to be a foregone conclusion, Roddenberry’s vision has never felt more difficult to reach—and it has never been more important.

The Mondegreen is celebrating Star Trek with a special issue to launch in fall of 2016, coinciding with the first airing of the original television series. We want work inspired or informed by every incarnation of Star Trek, from the Original Series to the JJ Abrams movies and everything in between.

In the spirit of Gene Roddenberry’s vision and our own publishing standards, we are particularly interested in work from woman-identified writers, writers of color, LGBTQIA writers, writers with disabilities, and other marginalized voices.

We want your fan fiction; your fan poetry; your essays examining Star Trek’s personal, critical or cultural impact; your alternate readings of Star Trek movies, episodes, or novels; your fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction about Star Trek’s impact on our world; your Star Trek fan art; your Star Trek comic strips. We want whatever strange and wonderful work you come up with that takes Star Trek as its inspiration. Send us something wonderful.

2 thoughts on “To Boldly Go

  • Is there a deadline for the Star Trek issue? The blog post says “ends July 15, 2016” but does that mean July 15 is the deadline for submitting work to the issue? I have a enewsletter where I could publicize this call but the newsletter will come out July 16th or shortly thereafter.

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