Review: Nadia de Vries’s First Communion

Reviewed by Kayla Pongrac

Nadia de Vries’s poetry collection First Communion contains short poems that could very well be considered confessions—unbridled and beautifully worded confessions, that is—which demonstrate this young poet’s lyrical finesse. In First Communion, readers will discover poems that often take less than thirty seconds to read; alas, readers needn’t be in such a hurry to devour them. Instead, they should appreciatively stick out their lonely little tongues and read each poem in such the way that Catholics consume their Communion wafers: letting them slowly dissolve, and then washing them down with some red wine. Amen for this collection, I say.


Kayla Pongrac is an avid writer, reader, tea drinker, and record spinner. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Vinyl Poetry, Split Lip Magazine, Oblong, HOOT, KYSO Flash, and Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, among others. Her first chapbook, a collection of flash fiction stories titled The Flexible Truth, is available for purchase from Louisiana-based press Anchor and Plume. To read more of Kayla’s work, visit or follow her on Twitter @KP_the_Promisee.

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