Ephemera & Etc. — Emma’s Uncle: Dancing

A while back, our fiction editor Emma texted me a video of a man frantically dancing while maintaining direct eye contact with me, Diya Chaudhuri, from god knows where in the universe. “This is a video my uncle sent me — without comment — from a restaurant bathroom,” she said. “Must watch with sound on.” Indeed. This Read more about Ephemera & Etc. — Emma’s Uncle: Dancing[…]

The MFA Graveyard

by Tabitha Blankenbiller This June I had to uninstall Timehop from my phone. The app, which collects a This Day in History of past Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, is usually good for a quick narcissistic thrill. It resurrects the immaculate homemade key lime pie from 2012 I forgot that I made, or reminds me Read more about The MFA Graveyard[…]

Beautiful Sentences

I offer the following to help our beloved submitters know what I’d love to see in our virtual queue: Stories by writers whose voices are underrepresented in the literary community including POC, immigrants, writers of any/all sexual orientations and from across the gender spectrum, and people with disabilities. Stories that are stylistically and/or formally innovative, Read more about Beautiful Sentences[…]


by Julia Dixon Evans The ninth husband came home early and found me making chicken tikka masala for the future tenth husband. I made him a plate as well and he said, “This is all right.” The future tenth said “It’s really good, Bee.” I said, “Thanks guys.” The ninth husband said, “Is this something Read more about Husbands[…]

College Collage

by Mark Elberfeld 1. In college we both took the Historical Approach to Calculus class the same semester you were an EMT in training. Once you were paged during an exam and got to go save a life. You were secretly my hero. You were also my roommate. I thought it was divine intervention that Read more about College Collage[…]

Goodbye, Hello

by Matt Sailor and Emma Smith-Stevens Goodbye This is my last issue of The Mondegreen. This issue marks (for now) the end of close to six years of editing literary magazines. Before this little monster I was an editor at NANO Fiction, and before that the editor in chief of New South. That’s a lot Read more about Goodbye, Hello[…]