The Past

by Katie Schmid I admit I want it to be like a William Eggleston photo, straight-ironed hair, imperfect teeth filtered through late-70s light: rare light only a thick layer of smog could have produced. I admit to wanting to be able to feign ignorance, to have the excuse of not knowing any better: ignorance a Read more about The Past[…]


by Tara Isabel Zambrano There’s a lady in the room. She is wearing a bikini, her nails painted black. Her ears are too close to her skull. She is looking out the window, gazing upon a pool boy, bare-chested and muscular. He looks up at her and smiles. It might be trouble, she thinks, and Read more about Subsong[…]

The Hunter’s Moon

by Suzzanna Matthews-Amanzio My sister Laurel and I dug four more tiny graves. She stood barefoot on wet leaves, just a few feet away from the little bodies enclosed in plastic freezer bags, holding the flashlight while I struggled with the shovel to loosen and lift the soil. Her breath was unsteady from crying, but she Read more about The Hunter’s Moon[…]


by Tanis MacDonald (for Bear 71) Your camping space is a roaming range. What looks random probably isn’t. The distance between wired and wild can be measured in rain. An accident is not the same as a mystery. The moose with his rack caught in swing set chains is not the one to ask about where Read more about Range[…]

Circus Bus

by Tanis MacDonald The man on the unicycle heads straight towards the bus and the windscreen fills with a death that does not happen. But the psychopomp’s disappointed as only an escort can be. The corners of her mouth droop and the ringmaster tries to tamp down that angel’s dram of disaster, bank it like Read more about Circus Bus[…]

Inherit the Moon

by Tanis MacDonald Pathologists may be the physicians who write the best stories, or they may be buffoons. Every body does not tell; we wish like ten stars that a body was one story that lasted, or that we could tack life in pins to a pattern. My aunt does not believe in heaven and I Read more about Inherit the Moon[…]