February 1, 2016




by Ricky Garni

I bought this cookie because it didn’t say cream,
it said crème. I put it in my pocket, and I said
crème crème crème all the way to the parking lot.
And then inside the car, listening to Chopin,
crème. crème. crème again, never cream cream cream.
But come on, who am I kidding? It wasn’t Chopin.
I am still in the car waiting for someone who
knows how to drive. It could be many hours.
And it could be many crème. crème. crèmes.
Waiting in a car is not a metaphor for death.
CLOSER TO HOME by Grand Funk is
a metaphor for death. Or as some prefer to say:
Grand Funk Railroad. I’m lovin’ some Grand Funk
Railroad, baby, right now right here in the car. I never
listen to Chopin or Shostakovich or Debussy or Wagner.
How I do love this car. It’s nice and warm.



Ricky Garni was born and raised in Miami and Maine. He works as a graphic designer by day, and writes music by night. His work is widely available in print, on the Web and in a number of anthologies, and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize on six occasions.

Image: “Paul Newman Once Upon a Wheel”  © ABC Television, 1971