February 1, 2016

Letter #1

Letter #1

Hole in a Rock

by Joyce Chong


don’t you want to know this
anomaly? your corrugated gut,
the sensation of pressing
your eyes to the wet earth;
this is where we birth sighs,
graze teeth against grit,
swallow the sky in fragments/
in mirror fracture/soft against your tongue.

I am trying to tell you this
but you won’t understand-
        I don’t want you to.
I am trying on confession,
folding my hands over the soil
after I have disassembled you,
dissected my vocal cords &
this rusted architecture;
after I have sunk
the residual parts
into the ground.

I am gathering lack,
subsisting on loss, what we
take away, what we pull from
and tear free. I am lung-less for you,
breath unanchored, knee-deep in drought,
unthreading every regrettable knot
we thought to lose our ankles to.



Joyce Chong writes poetry and fiction in Ontario, Canada. Her work is forthcoming in Liminality, Looseleaf Magazine, One Throne, Ghost City Review, and Gravel Magazine. You can find her at joycechong.ca or you can follow her on twitter @JoyceEmilyC.

Image: “Hole in a Rock”, by Tschumi.