January 13, 2015

from In a Wood, with Clearings, it’s Spring 6

from In a Wood, with Clearings, it’s Spring


Albert Pinkham Ryder [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

by Sarah Blake

It won’t be long before the bird is covered in maggots. And that’s the image that will stick with you. You’ll forget if she was a white bird or a black bird or a blue bird. That would be a shame.

And it might be too late. With her under the earth, you’re dreaming about her covered in maggots.

You should have buried her deeper.

Her little bird spirit is over your head now.

Alive, she could barely get her tongue out of her mouth, but now it’s this silver ribbon that she’s bringing up your arm.

She’s confused at being underground. She’s as much a fool as the mouse about how to give a body back.

The mouse—she has snuck beneath your belly for shelter and warmth.


Sarah Blake‘s first book, Mr. West, comes out in February 2015 from Wesleyan University Press. She is the founder of Submittrs, an editor at Saturnalia Books, and a recipient of an NEA Literature Fellowship.

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