Episode Guide for Sitcom Starring David Duchovny as David Duchovny


by Joshua Bohnsack

David After Dentist

David leaves oral surgery only to get mixed up in a local Hedonism festival while trying to go home before his anesthesia wears off.


David’s Schwimmer

David contracts swimmer’s ear after resorting to a day at the public pool when his country club membership is denied.


David’s Spade

David competes in a Texas Hold Em tournament in Tallahassee.


David’s Cross Chapter 1

David picks up Christianity after watching The Passion of the Christ for the first time.


David’s Chappelle Chapter 2

David decides to build a church settlement in Guyana with a group of loyal followers.


Chris’s Angel Chapter 3

David’s buddy, Chris Tucker, joins the fun in this crossover episode, where all is well on the settlement… Until the congressman arrives.


Dave’s Eggers

David vows revenge when some punk kids continue to throw eggs at David’s beige 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix.


David’s Letterman

David receives fan letters specifically from his work in The Red Shoe Diaries film series.


David’s Bowie

David goes back to Tallahassee to help solve the growing wild hog problem. Jam-packed with Rambo references.


David and Matthew’s Band

David learns “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on his keyboard and teams up with his buddy, Matthew Perry on bass, in order to dominate his favorite bar’s open mic night.


David’s Goliath

David confronts his bully after being pushed down on the playground one too many times.


David’s Lynch

Never passed screen tests.


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