MFA Graveyard

The MFA Graveyard

by Tabitha Blankenbiller This June I had to uninstall Timehop from my phone. The app, which collects a This Day in History of past Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, is usually good for a quick narcissistic thrill. It resurrects the immaculate homemade key lime pie from 2012 I forgot that I made, or reminds me Read more about The MFA Graveyard[…]

A Peripheral Review of Watson 2016

by Andrew Rihn Because my wife was presenting on one of the panels, I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 “Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition.” The conference (known simply as “Watson”) is a relatively small, relatively prestigious academic conference held every two years at the University of Louisville. Attendees from all Read more about A Peripheral Review of Watson 2016[…]

take me with U.

by Jim Warner It’s only after he’s gone that he’s everywhere. And nowhere. Through the labyrinth of First Ave.’s backstage, spilling out into the night. Where one would expect catharsis there is only desperation; cageless tiger pacing within the frame. So much energy spilling out: that manic cry of love or loss or anger or Read more about take me with U.[…]

Supining for You

by Laryssa Wirstiuk

Yes, I learned how to write stories, but I was also forced to examine all the ways that humans can fail one another.