August 1, 2016



for I.O.

stars-in-night-sky (1)

by Derrick C. Brown


The huge room is black. A soundstage, black. A black and white ladder up to the highest diving board. He falls through the air slowly. I am trying to cry as hard as I can to make him a pool, but it isn’t ever going to be deep enough. He smashes into 88 young songs, 12 unfinished paintings, 1257 bad jokes. It is all broken and can never be heard by anyone. Some shrapnel lands in my mouth, and I can hear a tiny sound when I bite into it. It says softly, get up now, open the skylights and let the pool dry from the sun.


DERRICK c. BROWN  is a comedian, poet and storyteller. He is the winner of the 2013 Texas Book of The Year award for Poetry. He is a former Paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne and is the president of one of what Forbes and Filter Magazine call “…one of the best independent poetry presses in the country”, Write Bloody Publishing, which has launched over 112 books of poetry. He is the author of five books of poetry and three children’s books. The New York Times calls his work, “…a rekindling of faith in the weird, hilarious, shocking, beautiful power of words.” He is from LA.

Image: “Stars Sky Night”, by Summer Woods.