February 1, 2016

Another Solstice



by Lisa Kusel

The crime of thought
I have committed
and undoubtedly
too often

I hear the constancy of pain
now in the cries of dogs

I used to worship the sea
seasons, salty couplings between
land and motion
My emotions stealth fixtures
             on the horizon

The wrinkle deepened, a gash
in the otherwise smooth spectacle
             strewn inside a closet, chaotic
             heaps, bunches of ribbon to be tied
at a later date

Dry buds collapsed below the weight
             of their death. Burnt layers once moist
crackle underfoot
and afterwards

Paltry sums stowed by me and
my colleagues, halved for fairness
Cognizant and thorough
I collapse as if sitting in a broken chair


Lisa Kusel is the author of Hat Trick (Hyperion) and Other Fish in the Sea: Stories (Hyperion). Her poems and essays have appeared in Zuzu’s Petals and Parent Co. Magazine, as well as in the tea-stained journal on her nightstand. She occasionally blogs at On Monkey Forest Road


Image:”Send Me Dead Flowers…” by Dave Bleasdale