Three Stories

by Charlie Sterchi Dough Boy Takes You Down “It serves you right to suffer.” – John Lee Hooker, “It Serves You Right to Suffer” At dusk a Mercedes-Benz will pull up, and there will be some raunchy blues music by John Lee Hooker pouring from the speakers. There will like as not be buzzards overhead. There Read more about Three Stories[…]

On Tuttle Creek

by Amy Scharmann Peter suggested that he and Alison take a walk. So they walked up the hill separating their ugly neighborhood from the rest of town, arms limp, and stood to catch their breath on the shoulder of Tuttle Creek Boulevard, one of the busiest roads in town, which eventually led to Tuttle Creek Read more about On Tuttle Creek[…]


by Mike Saye I. The foglights grinding across the livingroom ceiling, down the wall, into the dead air over the front door, say you’re home. Just now, from the back porch I caught glimpses of the church light winking, oblique as the Pleiades, through a struggle of kudzu that’s slowly prising down the chainlink fence. Read more about Foglights[…]


by Mike Saye The day my father was buried, the starlings worked the Kroger parking lot, cocking their homely heads at comic angles to scope the trash-fall for Jelly Bellies, sipped Dr. Pepper from a puddle. Ecstatic mirages rose up from the asphalt and gyrated in place like drunken hula-hoopists. The wind floated heat and Read more about Starlings[…]

The Bird

by Katie Schmid The bird came to my dream last night, the budgie we had in the one-bedroom Mom and I shared on Mulford when I was a child. Blue and green, infinitesimal black stripes dotting his head, sweet skull carpeted in feathers. We let him fly the house as much as he could, his Read more about The Bird[…]