2015 Pushcart Prize Nominees

We’re happy/excited/proud/misc. other positive emotions to announce The Mondegreen’s 2015 nominations for the Pushcart Prize!


Bobby Douglas” by Mary Breaden

054. Psyduck” by Colette Arrand

Metalhead’s Last Day of School” by W. Todd Kaneko


Subluxation” by Aubrie Cox

I dreamt that my daughter and I were dead” by Vincent Poturica

The Distance Between Stars” by Winnona Pasquini

When we began this journal last year, the editors all agreed that we wanted to err on the side of selectivity. We wanted to publish small issues dense with work that we loved with our whole muzzy bodies in a way that, if pressed, we wouldn’t be able to justify. And if we couldn’t find enough work to fill our already small issues, we agreed to go even smaller and denser.

So to pull our favorite work from what’s already our favorite among a full year’s submissions has been difficult. But after much gnashing of teeth, etc., here they are.

Best of luck to our nominees, and happy writing to all.

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